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30 Pavillion Mansion, 10 Brighton Terrace
United Kingdom

The Midnight Run is a walking, arts-filled, night-time cultural journey through a city. It gathers strangers and local artists/activists to explore, play and create whilst the city sleeps.




The Journey for this Summer’s Midnight.


Tate Britain - 5.45pm
Tate Britain Grass
Grosvenor Road
Pimlico Gardens
Churchill Basketball Court (Basket Ball)
Langdale House Space (TJ, plays music)
Lupus Street
Chalwood Street
Vauxhall Bridge Road
Bloomburg Street
Vincent Square - Elverton Street.
Horseferry Road - Channel 4 Building.
Victoria Street
Caxton Street
Vandon Street
Vandon Passage
Petty France
Castle Lane
Cardinal walk (Poems, Plays)
Victoria Street
Grosvenor Place
Hydepark Corner
Subway, 1st Exit (Rugball, something you are proud of & you are not)
Hydepark Corner
Park lane
Curzon Street
South Audley Street
Grosvenor Square
Brook Street
Avery Row (TJ plays)
Hanover Square
Princess Street
Oxford Street
Margaret Street
Great Portland Street
Little Portland Street
The social (Club, dance and make merry)

Great Titchfiled Street
Oxford Street
Ramillies Street
- cross Noel Street
Poland Street
- cross Bradwicks
Lexington Street
- cross Brewer Street
Great Windmill Street
- cross Shaftesbury Avenue
Rupert Court
Wardour Street
Leslie Street - (Mr Wong, FOOD!)

Leicester Square
Charing Cross Road
Trafalgar Square (Poems)
Duncannon St
The Strand
George Court
John Adams Street
Adelphi Terrace
Savoy Place
Carting Lane
Savoy Way
Savoy Hill
Savoy Street

Upstairs by Somerset
Waterloo Bridge
Fleet Street
St. Dunstans Court
- Cross into No. 65
Hanging Sword Alley
Salisbury Square
St. Brides Passage
Bride Lane
New Bridge Street
Blackfriars Bridge (Guerilla gardening)
Upper Ground
Belevedere Road
Southbank centre