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30 Pavillion Mansion, 10 Brighton Terrace
United Kingdom

The Midnight Run is a walking, arts-filled, night-time cultural journey through a city. It gathers strangers and local artists/activists to explore, play and create whilst the city sleeps.


Ipswich Midnight Run SURREALIST POEM

Inua Ellams

Written during the Ipswich Midnight Run in a workshop ran by Andy Craven-Griffiths, half of this poem was read to the group. As promised, here is the other half...


Water:                     A release of tension.

Envy:                       A single-wheeled form of transportation favoured by hipsters.

A Tent:                     A sense of pleasure in oneself or something connected to an identity.

Pride:                        A wooden barrier.

Skin:                         To be deeply disturbed – like “against the machine”.

Relief:                      A small, active, predatory mammal of the genus mustela erminea.

Cobble:                     Cold, frozen, unable to feel.

Curiosity:                Something found on the beach, a smooth, fairly small object.

Brick:                       Emotion you feel when someone jumps the queue.

Sadness:                A movement of air from the lungs outwards.

Badger:                     A detachment, disengagement, a lack of inspiration.

Serenity:                A layer in the earth. An extrusion. Often of violent origin. 

Elephant:                Deep sorrow, lack of hope.

Solidarity:                Olfactory organ for smelling.

Foam:                       Feeling very depressed and low – usually for a specific reason.

Censorship:               A metal box that flies around at fairgrounds.

Unicycle:                Quiet fools sail away on this.

Consternation:         Worn on the foot to protect and keep dry.

Yellow Door:           Standing with your fellow people to show support in their struggles.

Idleness:                A blue liquid. Some use it for washing, some for drinking.

Carbon Monoxide:     A state of peacefulness.

Rustication:                The body’s reaction to a story about lemons.

Saliva:                      A facial expression.

Despair:                A smooth object used in hard landscaping.

Indignation:                A gaggle of bubbles.

Lamp Post:                Horror that shows on a face.

Rage:                        Made from cat gut and creates a sound when plucked or bowed.

Carrot:                      Emotion expressed in aggression or in a violent way.

Loyalty:                A rectangular block of clay, used to build.

Breath:                     A philosophical position. A capacity to look with equanimity on life’s ups and down.

Boredom:                A hard, jagged, heavy object. 

Pebble:                    A feeling of alarm and bewilderment. Might be abbreviated to WTF.

Peace:                      A shy, black and white animal. 

Lenor:                       A mutual feeling of inclination between people who enjoy each other’s company.